I’ve always gone through life living very frugal. Saving where I can. Whilst my friends have been living it up, going on holiday to fancy destinations, going on wine tastings, and generally just having fun.  This never really bothered me.  I never spent money on buying the next biggest television or buying a new car every year, things like that never really appealed to me. I enjoy living comfortably and that was enough for me.

A while ago I got married and my wife and I spent the most amazing week in Mauritius. Having our every whim catered to. Amazing. This really made us think. We’re constantly saving up money to buy our own house, or to replace the worn tyres on our car, or to replace a broken appliance. We never really spend money on ourselves, on experiences. Mauritius was an awakening, it showed us that life should be enjoyed.

In 2017, this will be our mission, spend more money on experiences. Sure, we will still save a lot, for other things, but we will take some time, and money, and go do something we normally would not.

Life is short, live a little. #Experiences.