Backup your QNAP TS-231P to Amazon S3

I recently had the good fortune of getting to play around with the setup of a QNAP TS-231P NAS drive. It’s really an amazing little home or office NAS drive. The primary reason we chose it was because you could backup your NAS to Amazon S3. This was a feature we desperately required as our old office NAS gave up the ghost and took all our backups along with it.

To make a long story short, all you do is install S3 Plus on the NAS’s operating system. The setup is quite simple, create an Amazon user, get the key and key secret, fill it into the wizard on S3 Plus, all of that works fine. Then you get to creating a backup job and you have to select an S3 bucket, only select the S3 bucket, but do not select a folder on S3, let the backup software create the folder for you, otherwise it will not work. It took me pretty much a day of Googling to figure this out.

I hope this saves some other poor I.T guy a few hours of his life.