Why am I on the job market?

If you’re reading this, then chances are you like my CV and you’re thinking of employing me, but you’re wondering why I’ve left all my past positions, and why I want to leave where I currently am employed.


2007 – 2009

During the first few jobs I had I was earning peanuts. I literally still had to have my parents support me because I wasn’t earning enough money to pay for all my own expenses. I lived in a tiny bachelors apartment and drove a car which was unreliable and heavy on fuel. Most of the companies back then didn’t give me any significant yearly increase and I had to find other jobs willing to pay me more for my increasing skill level. I worked hard, learned a lot in my spare time and eventually I became a half-decent at my chosen career.


2010 – 2016

During these years of my career, I started figuring out which path I wanted to take, what kind of a developer I wanted to become and I started working for bigger organisations. I earned enough to be independent, so money was no longer my sole motivation. I started thinking long-term, about where I wanted my career to go.

Up to this point I’ve worked for a few different companies and I wanted to find a company where I could grow into a leadership role, somewhere I could retire.

The problem was, the companies I chose to work for during these years seemed to be in volatile industries. Some companies were bought and sold resulting in complete changes in management. Some companies just grew to become too big, too much red tape to get through to get the job done. Some companies just employed the wrong people, resulting in a toxic work environment. I couldn’t stay at any of them.


2017 – present

This period can be summed up by a single sentence. Retrenchments, and lies.

Circumstances outside of my control forced some companies I’ve worked for to retrench staff with little to no notice. For a large period in my life I would commute an hour to work in the morning and not know if I would still have a job by the afternoon. This wreaked havoc on my emotions.

If there is one thing I cannot stand, is having someone lie to your face and you know it. Small groups of individuals having secret meetings and conversations, being kept out of the loop deliberately and unethical business practice seems to sum up some of the companies I’ve worked for during this period of time, and off-course, retrenchments, lots of retrenchments. I’ve lost many colleagues, good colleagues, overnight. Unless you’ve experienced this, you wouldn’t understand why this makes you want to leave a company in search of something more stable.


I am ridiculously good at what I do. If your organisation or company can provide me with a stable, positive, and healthy environment to do what I love, you’ll be guaranteed of my loyalty.